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Welcome to Codecademy!
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    Are you ready to start coding? Codecademy is all about learning by doing and by coding. In this lesson, we’ll take you through the basics of how to use Codecademy and show you some of the power of...

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    The code in the editor panel is written in a programming language known as JavaScript, but that detail isn't too important right now—it's time to start writing your own code! When you run yo...

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    Now you'll use a variable to quickly change your program. Variables are used to store some kind of data in a program that can be referenced elsewhere (often more than once). Variables look diffe...

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    Okay, time to make this animation more interesting! In the code editor, [...] now has two items between the parentheses, [...] , and [...] . The text in the browser panel has also turned red! ...

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    The text is now displayed in multiple colors! There is a new variable named [...] with a list of color variables inside brackets ( [...] )separated by commas ( [...] ). [...] The displayed text...

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    Part of the power of coding is that small changes can create big impacts. Now that you've experimented with changing the color and text, it's time to experiment with the animation itself!

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    Congratulations, you're ready to take on your next Codecademy lesson!

Welcome to Codecademy!

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