Building with Bootstrap
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    Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework with prewritten CSS rules designed to help you build webpages faster.

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    Before Bootstrap can work for us, we need to link to it. In earlier lessons, we linked only to main.css. Now, in addition to main.css, we will link to a URL that hosts Bootstrap. The HT…

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    One of the reasons Bootstrap and frameworks like it are so popular is because they offer grids. A grid makes it possible to organize HTML elements using preconfigured columns. Using a grid, you…

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    Let’s use Bootstrap’s grid to create a simple header with navbar. In the example code below, an HTML header element with Bootstrap’s predefined […] class is used: […] Inside the …

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    In addition to a header/navigation, many websites have a large showcase area featuring important content. Bootstrap refers to this as a jumbotron. Below is an example implementation of a jumbotro…

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    Many websites have a supporting content area. Supporting content can be arranged using Bootstrap’s grid. Below is an example implementation of a supporting content area. First, an HTML section el…

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    Congratulations! You’ve made it to the bottom of the webpage: the footer! Footers display copyright information, social media links, and sometimes, site navigation. Below is one possible …

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    You just built an impressive webpage using the Bootstrap CSS framework. Nice work! Let’s take a moment to review the core concepts learned in this lesson:

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