Student Becomes the Teacher

Use what you've learned so far to manage your own class.

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Student Becomes the Teacher
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    Welcome to this "Challenge Course". Until now we've been leading you by the hand and working on some short and relatively easy projects. This is a challenge so be ready. We have faith in you! ...

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    Great work!

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    Now lets put the three dictionaries in a list together. [...] The above example is just a reminder on how to create a list. Afterwards, [...] contains [...] , [...] , and [...] .

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    Excellent. Now you need a hard copy document with all of your students' grades. [...] The example above is just to remind you how to create a dictionary and then to access the item stored by th...

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    When teaching a class, it's important to take the students' averages in order to assign grades. [...] The above example is a reminder of how division works in Python. * When you divide an inte...

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    Great! Now we need to compute a student’s average using weighted averages. [...] 1. In the above example, we create a dictionary called [...] that contains the costs of some fruit. 2. Then, w...

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    Great work! Now let's write a [...] function that takes a number [...] as input and returns a string with the letter grade that that student should receive.

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    Good! Now let's calculate the class average. You need to get the average for each student and then calculate the average of those averages.

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    Awesome! You're doing great. Now let's use the functions you've created to check on the grade of the class overall.

Student Becomes the Teacher

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