Why Test?
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    Imagine checking your bank account online. You have $1,000. The website is updated overnight, and you check again in the morning. Your balance is $257.43. Where did your money go? Is that truly you…

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    Software testing is the process of assessing the completeness and quality of computer software. Usually this is done by running a part of a system (like a web application) and comparing the actua…

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    How long did it take to manually test the application in the previous exercise? If you repeated the process 100 times, how often do you think you would make a mistake? In a company, someone must …

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    Tests are written with code, just like the rest of your web app. You can refer to the code defining your app as implementation code, and the code defining your tests as test code. A collectio…

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    Imagine explaining this Cake Bar app to someone else. How does it behave? Does it rely on other software? How do you run it on a computer? You could read every line in every file to figure that out…

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    The new “clear order” button feature has been implemented to satisfy the new test. When adding a new feature to your product, it’s possible that something will break. If that break occurs within a…

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    Writing automated tests takes time, but the cost is outweighed by the benefits. Automated testing

    • Increases confidence that your product works as expected (compared to manual testing)
    • Improves…

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