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    AngularJS is a JavaScript web framework aimed to make web apps simple to build and easy to maintain. We’ll start by building a simple AngularJS app. After making this app, we’ll generalize a few s…

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    Awesome! You built an AngularJS app. How does it work? 1. In app.js, we created a new module named […] . A module contains the different components of an AngularJS app. 2. Then, in **in…

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    So far this is our typical workflow when making an AngularJS app: 1. Create a module, and use […] in the view to define the application scope. 2. Create a controller, and use […] in the vie…

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    Well done! In the controller, you used an object to group together related data about a product. Then in the view, you used dot notation to display the values.

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    Great! The product price changed from a number to a formatted currency. How does it work? 1. AngularJS gets the value of […] . 2. It sends this number into the […] filter. The pipe symbol (…

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    Let’s do a quick review: A module contains the different components of an AngularJS app A controller manages the app’s data An expression displays values on the page A *filter

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    Well done! You got both books in […] to show up in the view. How does it work? 1. In the controller, we used […] to store an array containing two objects. 2. Then in the view, we added [….

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    We’ve used a few directives so far - […] , […] , […] , and […] . What can we generalize about directives? Directives bind behavior to HTML elements. When the app runs, AngularJS walks …

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    So far we’ve made a static AngularJS app by adding properties in the controller and displaying them in the view. AngularJS is a framework for building dynamic web apps, so let’s start to make this …

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    Great! Each time you click on the number of likes, the number goes up. How does it work? 1. The […] is a directive. When […] is clicked, […] tells AngularJS to run the […] function…

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    Congratulations! You built an AngularJS app from scratch. What can we generalize so far? 1. A user visits the AngularJS app. 2. The view presents the app’s data through the use of expressions,…

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