Introduction to Bluemix and Watson

In this unit, you'll learn about two powerful IBM products: Bluemix, a cloud development platform, and Watson, a collection of powerful, cognitive APIs.

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A Watson-Powered Application
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    Bluemix is IBM's cloud platform that enables developers and organizations to quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud. Bluemix also provides developers with enterpr...

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    The Watson Developer Cloud is a collection of APIs that enables developers to add cognitive capabilities to their applications. All of the APIs are available for use by applications built in Bl...

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    Let's demo a working application that showcases one of the 19 APIs available within the Watson Developer Cloud: the Personality Insights (PI) API. The name of this application is **Celebrity ...

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    Let's review what actually happened in the demo: 1. Both Twitter usernames (handles) are checked to make sure they're valid. 2. A call to the Twitter API retrieves the first 200 tweets from your T...

Introduction to Bluemix and Watson

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