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Technical Interview Problems in Python: Linked Lists
Detect Cycle in a Linked List

As we saw with the merge point problem, more than one node can reference another node. These references can create a cycle in the linked list where the traversal will loop back on itself.

# -> b -> c # / \ \ # a d <- # 'd' node's next points to 'b' node

Write a function that detects whether a cycle exists in a linked list. A cycle exists if traversing the linked list visits the same node more than once.

A cycle does not mean repeated values. Avoid this pitfall in your implementation by comparing the Node instances themselves, not their values!

a = Node('a') other_a = Node('a') a.val == other_a.val # True a == other_a # False

To recap:

  • write a function: has_cycle().
  • has_cycle() takes an instance of LinkedList as the argument.
  • return a Boolean which indicates whether a cycle exists.



Solve this problem and pass the tests. If you need help, check out the hint!

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