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Basic Classes and Objects

Congrats! You’ve finished a lot of content and some of the most important concepts in C#. When someone asks you, “How do I make a custom data type in C#?” you can talk all about it! In this lesson, you learned how to:

  • Define a class
  • Instantiate an object using new
  • Define fields, the pieces of data for each class
  • Define properties, the spokespeople for each field
  • Define automatic properties, the shorthand for making properties
  • Define methods, the actions a class can take
  • Define constructors, the special methods called when a class is instantiated
  • Overload constructors and reuse code with this
  • Control access to class members using public and private



Try out your complete Forest class in Main()!

  • Instantiate a new object with the name "Amazon". Store the result in a variable.
  • Print the Trees property to the console.
  • Call the Grow() method.
  • Print the Trees property again to the console to confirm that the Grow() method works.
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