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Company logos of Dailymotion, Lincoln Financial, Reverb and UCI
Active Learning

Not all training is created equal.

Codecademy’s interactive learning platform engages users in an active learning environment. This means that your learners will embark on an interactive journey that includes code editing, live practice and real applicable skills upon their course completion.

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How do you know if your team is actually learning?

Codecademy’s reporting dashboard allows you to track your team’s usage, progress, and performance for each employee or the whole team.

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Courses That Evolve with You

Our interactive courses span dozens of languages and topics, which gives your team the knowledge they need to accomplish just about anything — from visualizing data to building websites to creating advanced chatbots with artificial intelligence.

Plus, we’re constantly expanding and updating our curriculum. So your team will always have access to the next cutting-edge skill.

My employees progressed from 0 to 100 very quickly using Codecademy. It has completely changed what they can do to implement their own innovations.

Matthew Marsh


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