Intro to Product Management

Learn about Product Management and how programming experience plays a role.

“Software Developer” is just one star in the universe of tech-enabled jobs accessible to Codecademy learners. Galaxies of work – technical journalism, computer graphic animation, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, technology politics, developer evangelism – are yours to explore. This interview series is Beyond Programming, focusing on unique tech-enabled jobs that rely on programming knowledge.

In this edition of Beyond Programming, we talk to Josh Boggs, a Product Manager at Spotify who applies the app’s music discovery and personalization to its audio ads. Josh could have been an engineer, a designer, an HR coordinator, but his ambitions were bigger than any one of those roles. He wanted to be a decision-maker, to see a product from ideation to release to maintenance, and to connect with his product’s users.

Move on to see a video about Product Management and how Josh’s programming experience makes him better at his job.