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Github Issues

Use GitHub issues to track features and improvements for your projects.

At Codecademy, our engineers use GitHub to review code that needs to be added, removed, or changed. (Internally, we also conduct “code reviews” using a GitHub feature called “Pull Requests” (PR). A PR documents all of the changes being made to some code. These changes in code are then reviewed by a fellow engineer. If you’re curious, you can learn more about Pull Requests here.)

For your Project Reviews, we’ll use a GitHub feature called ‘issues’.


In the professional context and on shared software projects, issues are primarily used to track bugs in software and features to add. You can think of them as a task list for changes to the project.

Our reviewers use issues to give you a list of things to focus on to make your projects better. You’ll see their full comments in the ‘Issues’ section of your repository. (During the project submission process, we’ll create a repository for you.) Most issues will point directly to the code the issue’s comment refers to.

There’s a lot you can do to customize issues. You can read more about how they’re used in a professional setting – and how to get fancy with them – here.

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