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Collaborative Sandbox (Beta)

Welcome to the collaborative sandbox!

Welcome to the collaborative sandbox!

The Codecademy Sandbox (Beta) is a simple, powerful, and beginner-friendly online programming environment where you can write and run any piece of code. It’s a great place to experiment, explore, and test out an idea!


So far in your programming journey, you’ve been learning and coding by yourself. But a big part about being a Software Engineer and Data Scientist is about working in a team—understanding/debugging other people’s code and building/maintaining something together.

This is why we built a prototype of a collaborative sandbox where you can code with a friend, a classmate, a co-worker, or a fellow Codecademy learner together on a single project.

To get started started, simply:

  1. Go to the C++ Collaborative Sandbox. 📦
  2. Share the link to a friend. 👩‍❤️‍👨
  3. Code together! 👩🏼‍💻

We’d love to know what you think and how we can improve this product!

Note: The code does not save and there might some bugs due to it being a beta feature.

Links & Resources: