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February 12, 2021 - Full-Stack Updates

Weekly Cohorts Launch

We’re excited to launch a new feature to the Full-Stack Engineer Career Path—Weekly Cohorts. We know that learning should be social and when changing careers it’s important to gain collaboration skills. When you enroll in the Full-Stack Engineer Career Path, you’ll now be placed in a cohort with other learners who enrolled that week.


At the beginning of the Path there will be a new informational that directs you to your new cohort, where you can meet fellow programmers and discover opportunities to do peer-to-peer learning. At different intervals in the Path, we’ll have informationals that suggest the following activities: pair-programming, code review, and group projects. Each activity relates to an upcoming piece of content—code challenge, project, etc—to work on with a partner or group of people. We’ll also provide you with the resources you need to get started and successfully work with someone else, so no worries if it’s your first time!


I’m already enrolled in the Full-Stack Engineer Path, do I have a cohort?
Everyone who is currently enrolled in the Full-Stack Path has automatically been placed in a cohort based on your enrollment date. All you need to do is click the link in the informationals to be connected with your cohort in the forums!

Do I have to do these activities with my cohort?
While you’ll first join your cohort on the forums, you’re welcome to use any of our other community spaces (Discord, Codecademy Chapters, Facebook) to connect with other Codecademy learners and do group programming activities.

Do I need to do these activities?
These activities are fully optional and you do not need to complete them in order to complete the path. However, we highly encourage everyone to try at least one of the activities! You’re also welcome to do these activities as often as you like—no need to wait for our suggestions.

Will there be cohorts in other Career Paths?
We’re starting our feature roll-out in the Full-Stack Engineer Career Path, but we’ll be adding this feature to ALL Career Paths in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Welcome Informationals

To coincide with the introduction of Weekly Cohorts, along with feedback we’ve received since the Path launch, We have updated the Welcome Informationals at the start the Full-Stack Path. You’ll see that we now have a dedicated ‘Community Resources’ Informational, which is where you’ll find the link to connect with your cohort as well as other information about our community spaces. We’ve also updated two other informationals: ‘Welcome to the Full-Stack Engineer Career Path’ and ‘Helpful Resources’ to provide clearer information at the start about the Path and what to expect.

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