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C++ Community Challenge

Build a fun project with other C++ learners — March 2019

What is this all about?

Dear Learner,

You have started learning the ABC’s of C++. And now it’s time to take your learning to the next level with the Pro-exclusive C++ Community Challenge.

This is your opportunity to team up with other C++ learners, build something amazing together using vectors and functions, and show it off to the world. It is beginner-friendly and… there will be prizes!

C++ Community Challenge Prizes

How to Enter:

  1. Upgrade and become a Pro member.

  2. Join the Codecademy Lifelong Learner Slack (you’ll receive an invitation to join via email as soon as you upgrade). Once a member, join the #cpp-challenge channel.

  3. Find a code buddy in #cpp-challenge and build a project together.

  4. Submit a link to your GitHub repository by March 31. Voilà!

High Five

Challenge Rules:

The prize deadline for submission is Sunday, March 31, 2019 11:59PM EST. Any Codecademy Pro learners can participate. Feel free to ask for help in the Codecademy Lifelong Learner Community on Slack.

Your project can be whatever your team decides. It will be judged based on:

  • Use of vectors and functions in your code.
  • Collaboration (coding is more fun when you work together).
  • Originality and readability of your code (make it your own and use style conventions and comments to keep things legible).

Winners will be announced the first week of April.

Additonal Resources:

P.S. Be nice to your fellow Pro learners (CLL Code of Conduct)!

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