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Android Studio Tour

Meet Android Studio—the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used for developing Android Apps

Android Studio is the main Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used for building Android Apps and is based on a Java IDE called IntelliJ IDEA.

While it’s mainly used for writing Android code, the program itself contains several useful features for making the entire development process easier. These include things like a customized code editor, code templates, a rich layout editor with support for drag and drop editing, and tools to catch performance, usability and version compatibility problems. It also allows you to easily run your app on device emulators and real devices.

When you open Android Studio for the first time it allows you to bootstrap a project from a number of pre-built templates. Then, once your app is ready to deploy to the app store, the Gradle tool can be used to package all of the app’s source code and resources together into a .APK file (the extension for an Android app)


  • Android Studio uses Gradle as a build tool to package projects into .APK files.
  • Android Studio includes a suite of emulators which developers can use to test their apps.

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