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AI In-App Chatbot

Using what you've learned, complete the AI chatbot that we've started for you.

Now that you’re a deep learning wiz, we’d like you to put that knowledge to work improving our in-app chatbot. This bot is a friendly way for passengers to ask questions and get help.


Powered by deep learning, this bot will be unstoppable. But don’t worry, we won’t let him out of the box.

Installing Tensorflow, Keras, and NumPy

  • First install Tensorflow. This will be the deep learning back end for Keras.
  • Now install the Keras API.
  • To get NumPy, we recommend installing the NumPy package using Anaconda or Miniconda. If you don’t have a package and environment manager, you can also install NumPy through pip:
    python -m pip install --user numpy
    Extra Help Make sure you don't have global mainframe hidden packages installed because who knows what that could do.